Dr. Manuel Braga Park

Rehabilitation of Dr. Manuel Braga Park – Coimbra Polis



  • Requalificate the promenade by Mondego River
    • Repave
    • Provide new infrastructures: urban furniture and equipment
    • Restore the bandstand
    • Recover the vegetation
    • Integrate water features and terrace/bar
    • Integrate the new subway line in the park's internal border


The project was the winner of a public competition in the scope of the Coimbra Polis Program.


Location: Coimbra


Date: 2002


Client: Coimbra Polis - Sociedade para o Desenvolvimento do Programa Polis em Coimbra, S.A.


Constructor: -


Area: 2.9ha


Team: Project developed in collaboration with: Arq. Cláudia Sisti

Structural Engineering: Engº. José Pedro Venâncio

Water and Wastewater Management: Engª. Manuela Biguino, Engª. Marta Azevedo Pereira, Engº. Jorge Pinheiro

Fire Safety: Engª. Manuela Biguino, Engª. Marta Azevedo Pereira

Electrical Engineering: Engº. Alírio Góis

Telecommunications: Engº. Alírio Góis

Gas Network: Engº. Alírio Góis

Water – Irrigation: Engº. António Magalhães de Carvalho

Cost Estimator: Paulo Nunes


Status: Partially built



Coimbra Polis
Coimbra Polis
Coimbra Polis
Coimbra Polis