Sacavém Fort

Sacavém Fort - Loures



  • Restore the grounds original physiognomy and prepare it for its new functions, considering the installation of the central archive of the Direcção Geral dos Monumentos Nacionais
  • Preserve the building’s military features
  • Create a leisure and decompression area for the resident workers and technicians, as well as visitors


The exterior space comprises the peripheral moat, the parade ground and access ramps.


The Fort was part of the capital's last line of defense, created on 1875.


Location: Sacavém, on a hill near the mouth of Trancão River


Date: 1999


Client: DGEMN – Direcção Geral dos Edifícios e Monumentos Nacionais


Constructor: HCI Construções, S.A.


Area: 4ha


Team: Project developed in collaboration with: Arq. Luísa Cortesão - DGEMN

Historian: António Miranda

Geotechnical: Bernardo Monteiro

Cost Estimator: Paulo Nunes


Status: Completed



Sacavém Fort
Sacavém Fort
Sacavém Fort
Sacavém Fort
Sacavém Fort
Sacavém Fort