Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge

Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge - Lisbon


1st Place



  • Establish an accesses network in both sides of the highway (2ª circular), using a branched design for the bridge
    • North side - new paths integrated with preexisting vegetation formations, creating a naturalized scenery
    • South side – paths connected with sidewalks, walls or property limits, with an effort of re-naturalizing the exiting slopes and hills


In collaboration with an architecture studio, was the winner of the competition promoted by the Lisbon municipality and Experimenta - Design 2009.


Location: Av. General Norton de Matos, Lisbon


Date: 2009


Client: Fundação Galp Energia




Area: 2600m2


Cost: 198.000 Euros


Team: Project developed in collaboration with: MXT Studio – Arq. Telmo Cruz


Status: Completed



Ponte Galp
Ponte Galp
Ponte Galp
Ponte Galp
Ponte Galp
Ponte Galp
Ponte Galp