Guest House Serra de S. Filipe

Guest House Garden - Serra De S. Filipe



  • Establish a network of paths and tracks between three areas located on the hillside facing Sado River and the Tróia peninsula:
    • the windmill
    • the house
    • the pool on the west.


The area is covered by pine trees (Pinus pinea) and climax florest flora of cork oak (Quercus suber).


Located on the ridge line of Serra de S. Filipe, it´s part of a group of old windmills converted into residential units.


Location: Serra de S. Filipe, west of the city of Setúbal


Date: 1997


Client: Private


Constructor: -


Area: 5.350 m2


Team: -


Status: Completed



Pereira Caldas
Pereira Caldas
Pereira Caldas
Pereira Caldas