About Us


Founded in July 2001, Ceregeiro-Arquitectura Paisagista e Consultoria Ambiental has its origins in Atelier de Arquitectura Paisagista — atelier created by João Ceregeiro that developed landscape related projects since 1989 — to offering a more comprehensive response to market demands, particularly in the areas of land management, planning and environmental impact assessment.


Presently Ceregeiro is prepared to ensure the project management throughout all its phases, from concept to implementation. The atelier has also extended to new markets: besides Portugal, Ceregeiro has developed projects in Spain, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, Ghana and Mexico. (see Portfolio)


Today Ceregeiro relies on the experience of a multidisciplinary team and is prepared to answer to the present environmental and cultural challenges, where the landscape’s functional complexity is seen as a support of global biological value.